Kevin Spacey Facts

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November 24, 2013 by briantshock

A couple of years ago I started a movie review blog with my friend Pants. It has long since fallen to the wayside, but my shtick on there was reviewing Kevin Spacey movies, while my buddy did a ton of horror movie reviews (there was very little overlap). The impetus for this was a realization I had one day that I really liked the actor, but I do not remember seeing a Kevin Spacey movie that I liked. In my reviewing journey I found  several. You can go check those out here if you like, but in the meantime I’m going to drop some Kevin Spacey facts.


You think there’s somebody better than Kevin Spacey? I’ll just let Mr. Spacey refute that himself.

This guy is in a lot of movies that I otherwise would not like very much were it not for him (case in point: Superman Returns). I find that his performances are usually the highlights of the movies he is in. He’s once been quoted as saying that he likes to keep his private life just that, so that the audience has an easier time imagining the characters he is portrayed on stage or on the screen. I can see that; you can see him throwing himself into their roles to make them distinct and believable, from accents to slight mannerisms. I’m not sure how an alien from the planet K-PAX would act, but it’s probably exactly as he did.

Spacey always seems to get the mischievous or villainous roles in his movies. He pulls these off so well, nailing the subtleties that make the character despicable and yet so enjoyable to watch. Like I said, his Lex Luthor in 2006’s Superman Returns was easily the gem of that movie, and I really saw a lot of Gene Hackman’s Luthor from the 1978 original in his performance. His character Lester Burnham in “American Beauty” wasn’t so much a villain per se, but acted out on many impulses that most would find a little questionable and was still a very interesting character. And I’m fairly confident in just mentioning “The Usual Suspects” and leaving it at that. I could go into that more, but I’ll respect the spoilers, even though that movie is like 18 years old.


While not wholly specific to Kevin Spacey (there are several other great actors and performances in here), the Netflix adaptation of the BBC series is one of the best things I watched this year. Spacey plays a South Carolinian representative in Congress who is hatching schemes and playing the ruthless political game. He’s often breaking the fourth wall to turn and give the audience asides, which is my favorite part. It’s like he’s letting us in on all of his schemes and we are all part of these terrible doings. So basically, a dream come true for me!

Seriously, go watch House of Cards. I keep recommending that to people and everybody keeps ignoring me. That’s why I hate recommending stuff.


In addition to being incredibly talented at filling a number of roles, nefarious or not, Kevin Spacey is amazing at celebrity impersonations. I saw this clip a while ago and thought it was really good. Check out the clip from “Inside the Actor’s Studio” below; he’s more than well-equipped to deal with James Lipton’s odd requests.


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