Bear Facts 6 – Gummy Bears

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December 6, 2013 by briantshock

Not all bears are monstrous creatures. As we discussed last week, sometimes these bears are helpful. We’ll continue on this positive trend this week, as somebody had the genius idea to turn these terrifying creatures into delicious gummy snacks as well as yet another animated show. So, you can continue to rest easy, as I’ll reveal three more exciting, hopefully comforting, and sometimes delicious bear facts. But don’t get too comfortable, we’ll get back to more horrifying cautionary facts next time.


Gummy bears, the usually delicious candy, originated from Germany by Hans Riegal Sr., who started the Haribo company in 1920. You probably recognize this company by the commercials with the kids supposedly running the candy plant and the endearingly innocent jingle at the end. What started as bears quickly turned to many other animals and objects, like rings, worms, frogs, and a number of different fruits.

These suckers are so small and tasty, so it’s easy to finish off a whole bag of the little guys. Why stop there though? The largest gummy bears for sale are about 26 POUNDS. This is definitely as unhealthy as it sounds, at around 32,000 calories. YUM! 

This actually would probably get pretty disgusting.

This actually would probably get pretty disgusting.


This, like David the Gnome, is another one of those 80’s cartoons that arguably was best known for its incredible theme song. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

Unlike David the Gnome though, Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears was actually a pretty exciting show. When you’re looking for high adventure that’s beyond compare, I beseech you to look no farther than the Gummi Bears. This show had it all; bears wearing clothes, magic and mystery, potions, stupid looking ogre things getting humilated – everything a kid could hope for in a cartoon!

I have no idea what this show had to do with the candy, but it can’t just be a coincidence. I always assumed the gummi berry juice – the incredible juice capable of letting the bears bounce and giving everybody else super strength – tasted like the candy. Let’s just go with that.

The Gummi Bears had six seasons, and had its original run from 1985-1990.


Alternatively, if you are of the legal drinking age (gotta CMA here!), you can soak them in vodka for an alcoholic treat. Personally, I think this sounds kind of gross, but I just don’t like vodka. This also just seems like a terrible perversion of a treat for kids, but I guess jello shots have paved the way. Sorry about that, Bill Cosby.


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