The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 0

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November 29, 2015 by briantshock

A few weekends ago I was sitting in the back of my friend’s car as we returned home from a terrific weekend in Blacksburg to watch Frank Beamer’s last home game at Lane Stadium. It had been a great time of eating tailgate food and burritos and drinking too much; all the delicious excess dreams are made of! This was actually the third or fourth weekend in a row of similar activity, and I could feel myself getting heavier and slower. I knew that something had to be done. I made a proclamation, out of nowhere, completely unrelated to whatever anybody else was talking about, as I am wont to do.

“After Thanksgiving, I’m not going to eat ANY meat until Christmas.”

After I got past the initial reactions of “what does this have to do with anything” I had to face down “why”. Why am I challenging myself to do this? Who knows. I don’t have a good reason for most of the things I do. But I knew I should probably do something to curb my slowly rising weight before it gets too out of control. Since every vegetarian I know appears to be in good shape, it seemed like a reasonable idea. I figured a month would be sufficient time to push myself to try something new and see the results of any change.

Here are the guidelines I’ve set for myself:

  • No meat. Obviously. I will still consider fish, since people seem fine with that since fish are neither cute nor land-based and most seafood dishes are tasty. Maybe I should call this the Pescetarian Experiment then. Nah, it’s too late. I don’t feel like changing it.
  • Limit carbs. I’m also going to try to limit carbs so I do not fall back on eating pasta everyday, kind of defeating the purpose of trying out a leaner diet.
  • Sorry vegans. I’m still going to go ham on cheese and eggs. We’ve already switched to almond milk months ago and I’ll try to get the “cage-free eggs” to help the chickens. Can we still be friends?

I did attempt this once before, several years ago, to disastrous results. I quickly fell into the trap of trying to replace the stuff I was used to eating with meatless versions, and it was complicated and disgusting. Now that I feel more competent in the kitchen, and that I now know how to make many delicious recipes that involve no meat, I think I have a better shot.

I’ll try to check in and update this everyday with what I’ve been eating along with any recipes I make that turn out well. I’ll also try to keep myself honest by posting my weight and Fitbit steps per day to try to factor physical activity into the mix. As the rest of my life aside from my daily walks is extremely sedentary you can just assume that I’m not doing much else aside from the walking. DATA!

As a send off to meat and because it would be about a month before I get back to cheeseburgers again, I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for a late lunch today. To my dismay I arrived just seconds after two families of six stepped up to the counter to order. About two hours and 50 dollars later I received my last meal, a real Burger With Strength to see me off on my adventure. As for the quality of the meal, please see below for reference.


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