The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 3

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December 2, 2015 by briantshock

Well, by entering day 3 I’ve now exceeded my previous vegetarian experiment record, but this day was not very exciting. Still, for the sake of consistency, I endure.


I was running late to get to a dentist appointment, so I just ate some HNC (Honey Nut Cheerios).


I made the same pita from yesterday, only this time I took the full thing. It lasted me through dinner so this was a good idea.


For dinner we had the very vegetarian and creative meal of Domino’s Pizza. I had mushrooms and jalapenos so I am still vegetarian, however I’m not really doing much for my weight loss goal with this one.


I checked in at 159.0 this morning, the same as yesterday, so they can’t all be winners. I doubt tomorrow morning will be pleasant too.


Well, not a proud day for eating healthy. I plan to try out a new vegetarian recipe tomorrow though!


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