The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 4

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December 3, 2015 by briantshock

Basically, I’m a big fat liar. I know I said I was going to cook something new tonight, but instead I just ate the leftover pizza.


This morning I had two fried eggs (no English muffin this time).


The wheels starting coming off here as I got a shrimp burrito, making it a taste of sea-meat today. I was pretty upfront about still having fish so I don’t think this is cheating. In any case, this was well worth it. If you’re in the Virginia Beach area, and near Salsita’s, do the right thing and stop in! There are a couple shrimp and fish options, and a vegetarian burrito. Everything I’ve had from here has been delicious!

Salsitas Virginia Beach


Leftover pizza and a beer. I am not ashamed. Okay, maybe a little.


Despite all of the bad eating yesterday, I weighed in at 157.5 this morning, shedding another 1.5 from the day before. Surely eating a burrito and pizza will allow this trend to continue, right?


Another day of eating vegetarian while not eating very healthy, proving it’s pretty easy to eat like a pig in many diets and you still need some discipline. I plan to get back on the wagon tomorrow.

I’m debating on staggering out these posts. It doesn’t seem like chiming in every day just to say what I’m eating is very interesting without having anything else to talk about.


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